i’ve made new goal till 27th November morning!


To be exact, i’m going to Berlin(Germany) for two days, in first day i’m going to Ed Sheeran’s concert. So i made me a promise to loose 6-8 more pounds till then, so that means i have 22 days to kick my ass off and loose those pounds. But i’ll be defo okay with “only” 6 pounds. Not gonna eat that much in Berlin, i’m always so nervous about traveling and so on. ^^

Have to rock this outfit ;

going to make new tumblr - this won’t be active anymore, but i cant delete it

cause my other tumblr is together with this and i dont know how to delete only this one and not the other, so all my followers, when i’ll post the link gooooo to the page and follow me!

im going to lead the new tumblr with friend of mine

and you’ll find there lot of healthy tips, fashion, wish outfits and so ooooon!

so stay tuned!

goingoutchic-deactivated2014100: I saw ur post on cutting and I just wanted u to know that Jesus loves u so much and created u beautiful "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:14 God says u are WONDERFUL. I want u to know 2 that if u have been through any kind of heartache or pain causing u 2 do this to urself that Jesus understands ur pains and wants to heal u of this -Romans 5:8 And If u haven't already done so pls tell a parent or school counselor to help u God bless u :) God has so many good things planned 4 :)